Thursday, June 29, 2006

Roller boy update

Brett has now perfected standing up nice and tall to squeak by the Calaway Park height meter onto some of the slightly scarier rides.

And he cries. But not because he's scared. No, when the ride is over he cries because he doesn't want to get off -- he wants to go again! His latest fave: Adrenaline Test Zone. It's like a version of the USS Enterprise (remember: from the Ex in Toronto). He laughs and screams with a grin a mile wide. When Tracey was visiting, he wanted to sit in the car with her, but he didn't want her arm around him. I suddenly had this image of him sliding under the restraining bar and falling out. I yelled at her, "Don't let him go!" She didn't, despite his protests and we all had a great time. Once my heart stopped pounding.

We've been three times since it opened at the end of May.

(BTW, the picture above is the much tamer Egg Ride. The shadow on the left is me taking the picture.)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Roller boy

Brett's first roller coaster: the kids coaster at Calaway Park. He loved it so much he went on it twice. Then after a snack, he went on it again. He also loved the swings, airplane, spinning strawberries, merry-go-round and log ride. Including the part where we got wet. His least favourite part? Waiting in line. No kidding.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Yes, you are. So now we have to stop saying it.

Last night during dinner, after making Grandma laugh.
"I'm cute. Awwwwww."

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

More festive pix

Thanks to Auntie Linda for forwarding these.
(l to r): Bat Mitzvah woman Mira and Bar Mitzvah man Matt pose proudly with their parents Linda and Marvin outside the synagogue after the service.

The immediate family enjoyed dinner under the very festive Mira! Matt! backdrop (which Brett happily yelled out periodically during the meal). Incidentally, it was about the only place Mira's name came first. Darned alphabetical order.

This candid picture of the
picture-taking not only shows the great smash cake (made of chocolate and hollow -- meant to be smashed and devoured, not sliced and served), but is a fairly accurate representation of the differences in Matt and Mira's patience with the whole posing thing.

Monday, June 05, 2006

More TO pix

Auntie Cindy and Uncle Jan have more pix on their blog.