Friday, September 07, 2007

Home improvement

We've done some stuff around the house (finally!), including new benches on our new deck. We actually paid someone else to do the deck, but Randy and I (mostly Randy) built the benches. A few more photos on Facebook, including the ways Brett helped. (This picture was taken through a screen, which is why it looks kinds weird.)

The other thing we did was paint the front door, some thing we wanted to do for a while. Brett wanted purple, orange or turquoise, I wanted red, and Randy wanted anything but those choices. We settled on yellow. Sunshine yellow to be exact. Our version of a compromise.

Here's the thing about yellow -- bright yellow: bugs are attracted to it. Like they're attracted to a bug zapper. And it's the season of many teeny flying insects, which are all attracted to our freshly painted door. Even if the sunshine yellow makes us feel bright and cozy through the long cold winter, it'll take at least that long to scrape the dead bugs off.


Blogger Erin Whalen said...

All right... I want to see pictures of the sunshine yellow door!

8:14 p.m.  

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