Friday, September 14, 2007

Arts and recreation

So far, preschool is a success. Brett sings us new songs he's learned there, and shows off new dances when he remembers them. He always has some artwork in his backpack, like this lovely pasta necklace I received earlier this week. My first one! (His teacher says some parents save them all year, then return them so the pasta can be reused!)

Now we just have to figure out what to do with it all. I'm thinking a bin with a lid, to throw everything into. Then at the end of the year, pick out our favourite two or three and save in a book.

Two things about this picture:
1. Our front door is red. Randy repainted before I had a chance to record the yellow. Sorry Erin. But if you look closely, you might still be able to see some behind the red. it still needs another coat.
2. Brett is making a funny face. This is a new trick he has as soon as the camera comes out. For more funny-faced pictures, check my album on Facebook.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Home improvement

We've done some stuff around the house (finally!), including new benches on our new deck. We actually paid someone else to do the deck, but Randy and I (mostly Randy) built the benches. A few more photos on Facebook, including the ways Brett helped. (This picture was taken through a screen, which is why it looks kinds weird.)

The other thing we did was paint the front door, some thing we wanted to do for a while. Brett wanted purple, orange or turquoise, I wanted red, and Randy wanted anything but those choices. We settled on yellow. Sunshine yellow to be exact. Our version of a compromise.

Here's the thing about yellow -- bright yellow: bugs are attracted to it. Like they're attracted to a bug zapper. And it's the season of many teeny flying insects, which are all attracted to our freshly painted door. Even if the sunshine yellow makes us feel bright and cozy through the long cold winter, it'll take at least that long to scrape the dead bugs off.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First day of school

Brett's first day of school is tomorrow, actually.

He's gone for a short visit and met his teachers (two, for 24 kids). With that, and a week of day camp under his belt, I think he's ready.

Tasks for tonight: decide on shoes to leave at school, pack a snack in his new lunch bag, and try to get to bed a little bit early. Wish us luck.