Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Huge cold snap here in southern Alberta. Huge. Deep. Cold. Like, wind chills of -40. That's minus 40.

Brett has a new winter coat (from MEC, where else?), which he hates. Why? Well, he basically hates anything new. His old winter jacket was too small and being uncomfortable in it made him cry. Every morning since we've had the new jacket he asks to put the old one on instead. Then he whines and cries because it's too small. Then he whines and cries because he doesn't want to put his new one on either. Logic doesn't work ("It's cold outside; you have to wear your warmest coat"); it gets this reaction:

"Mommy, I don't like the cold and winter outside."

All I can say is that we'd better find a solution for last year's boots, which he loves, but which are -- you guessed it -- too small. If the weather ever warms up again he can wear his purple Crocs. After all the melted snow is gone, of course. Which should be, like, June.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Eyes, ears, mouth and nose. And brain

Recently, we got Brett a tune-up. We made appointments to get his eyes checked, his first dental check-up, and last week, a doctor appointment.

Eyes were fine --– more or less typical for his age. He has 20 healthy-looking teeth; again, typical. We got his official height and weight at his medical check-up: 31 lbs and 37 inches. Not just typical, but downright average: both put Brett in the 50th percentile for his age.

The stats say average, but we know our baby boy is well above in other ways. The latest is that he'’s decided to learn Hebrew.

Uncle Gordon, Auntie Helen and the cousins gave him a set of Hebrew letters back in May. Over the last few weeks he'’s learned what all the letters are called and their correct order (not from me --– I had to download it and ask the cousins for help).

Now he's asking to spell some words. Again, I had to ask for help. We check the web, and Baba and Zaida are sending some books from TO. I remembered imma (mommy), abba (daddy), bayit (house), ma hasha'ah (what time is it) and how to count to ten. Brett was thrilled. I wonder if the JCC here has mom and tot Hebrew classes?