Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Too much chocolate?

I try not to stress too much about what Brett eats. He usually eats well, and likes fruit and vegetables, along with pretzels and fruit leather. Anyway, the research says that left to their own devices, most kids eat a balanced diet over any given one- or two-week span.

This time of year there is rather more opportunity to eat sweets than usual. In the spirit of not stressing, if Brett wants chocolate and I feel he's eaten enough other stuff in the past few days, he can have chocolate. Sometimes he stops halfway through one and wants raisins or dried apricots instead. Some times he wants two, so I give him a second one. Whatever.

Yesterday though, I wondered if he'd had too much. When I changed his diaper, instead of the usual near-barnyard stink, there was the unmistakable overtone of something sweet. I'm sure this didn't happen after Halloween.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

This year's holiday message

Wishing you all health, happiness and love, now, and for the year ahead.

We've had a lot of change this year; even more changes ahead, I'll bet. We'll adjust, and with patience and love we'll have a good year too.

Hugs and kisses to all.

BTW Erin, I saw your tag. I'm getting on it.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Breaking news

More milestones to report:

Last night after Brett told us "my teeth hurt," I checked and discovered that he indeed had cut a new molar. I guess we can expect hearing more reports, as well as seeing more drool, pink cheeks and entire fists shoved in his mouth to check his progress as the other three come in.

This week marked the official beginning of the "Mommy lookee me" stage of Brett's development. I've already had my considerable attention drawn to some spectacular spinning (he thinks he's dancing), attempts at somersaults (not bad, actually) and energetic yogurt-covered spoon waving (now discouraged).

Brett has also recently learned to sit still on the stairs for a short time out, usually after he's hit me or his friend Jennifer, or thrown something. When we talk about it afterwards, he knows why he had to sit by himself and he says he understands that hitting (or whatever) is not nice. He says he won't do it again because he doesn't want another "time off."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Festive (pics)

Some festive pictures of Brett and Jennifer getting ready for the holiday season.

(l) Red hats and a green and gold tree.
(r) Decorating (and getting ready to eat) rice krispie treats.

Working girl

My first two days at work were great. I got a hint on a great shortcut; drafted, changed and got approval for a press release; my co-workers think I'm smart and funny, and almost everyone I met said, "We're so glad you're here." Of course I also went to a meeting where the two dozen or so attendees gave project updates, then all at the same time, turned to look at me! I said, "I'm looking forward to giving an update when I start working on something."

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Oh yeah

And I'm proofreading my second book for Amazing Stories. Fun stuff! Believe it or not, they're both hockey books!

Yay me!

No, the Calgary Public Library isn't suddenly part of the university.

For those of you who've been wondering what I decided, the last week or so has gone like this:
• supposed to start Library job Mon Nov 28; left a message Sun night saying thanks but no thanks
• interviewed at the U of C for a communications advisor position on Wed Nov 30; was told I'd be called in to meet the VP and director
• got a call Mon Dec 5 to come in Tues
• met the higher-ups Tues Dec 6
• got the job offer Wed Dec 7 -- today!

It's an interesting and job and one I'm glad I waited for. It's doing communications advising, planning and implementing for campus infrastructure, under the guidance of external relations. Campus infrastructure does all the on-campus maintanence etc, but the stuff I'll be involved with is communications around the new building, upgrading, sustainability projects.

They were very impressed with the last two projects I was involved with at Douglas College: Go! and the program guide. Thanks to all my pals in the CMO for making those (and me) look so good!