Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quick update

I know, I know. It's been two weeks.

The weather is finally warming up; the snow that fell last week melted pretty quickly. We went to a friend's place yesterday and actually felt hot sitting in the sun. (Brett was playing at the sand and water table and got wet. Of course. He asked for dry clothes, but I told him the sun would dry him off. Since he was in long pants, getting wet actually helped him stay cool. But I didn't tell him that. Just gloated quietly to myself when he stopped asking to change.)

We're making summer plans: visits, trips, weekend fun. Randy's sister Cathy arrives next week. We'll take her out and have some fun. Auntie Linda, Uncle Marvin, Matt and Mira are planning their visit to coincide with Auntie Wendy and Tante Anne at the end of July. And we hope to drive down to Yellowstone at some point. Bubba and Zaida? Made your plans?

Hope it's warm and sunny where you are.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Farewell, old friend

We went to Vernon last weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with Randy's family. While we were there I had a visit with my old kitty Rufie. He's been living with Randy's mom Dianne since Brett was about six months old.

Anyone who knew Rufie had a word to describe him. For some it was cranky, for others, crotchety. Everyone agreed he was one of a kind. He survived falling out my apartment window; moving from Toronto to Vancouver and back a couple of times; sharing homes with other pets, roommates and friends; late-night parties; traumatic vet appointments and most of my twenties and thirties. He was more of a roommate than a pet, really. And lately, he was a companion to my mother-in-law.

On Saturday he looked old and tired. He felt even skinnier than usual. His fur was matted in spots -- he was obviously having trouble keeping himself clean. I cut his nails and he tolerated a cuddle. Dianne and I talked about plans. I said good-bye.

It happened sooner than we expected. Rufie didn't leave the couch all day yesterday, and didn't get up to greet Dianne today. He barely complained when she loaded him into his carrier this afternoon (very unusual for him!). She held him at the vet's and he purred while they gave him the injection. He was 19 -- exceedingly old for a cat.

Farewell, old friend.