Saturday, November 26, 2005

What do I do now?!

So, I start my new job Monday at 9. Only thing is, I got a call for an interview about a better job. Do I just not start the current one, or do I start knowing I might quit in a week? (BTW, I have the library job offer on paper, but I haven't signed and returned it yet.)

The "better" job is more money, more responsibility, working more independently in a newly created position (that is, I won't have to learn the way the last person did things). The library job will be easy (seems that way, anyway).

Anyone out there with a crystal ball want to tell me what to do? Anyone else?

Monday, November 21, 2005

And now make the peeing stop

Brett has very quickly shown the kind of enthusiasm all parents hope for when beginning toilet training: he's willing, he's eager for the diaper to come off, he makes a visible effort to make the pee come out. Problem is, he won't sit on the potty and he won't stand close enough to actually get much pee in it either.

Tonight he actually ran away from me and out into the hallway, where he stopped, bent his knees slightly and proceeded to pee on the floor. The carpeted floor.

I hereby declare a moratorium on toilet training until he forgets about the floor and shows this kind of enthusiasm for the potty instead. With the boys-only pee shield.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Let the peeing begin

Two nights ago I took Brett's diaper off and prepared to lift him into the bath.

"Mommy," he said. "I pee." And sure enough, a little golden stream was pooling just in front of his feet.

"Wait!" I cried. I dragged the potty over and stood him in front of it. The flow stopped momentarily, then began again, aimed almost perfectly into the little bowl. He even held his penis just like a grown-up man (left hand -- any comments?). The thrill of the beginning of potty training!

We announced his accomplishment to the house and he was congratulated. Mom friends I consulted advised it may be weeks before he does it again. That's ok. It's a start.

This morning I hoped for a repeat performance. Took off the diaper, stood him in front of the potty. He stepped back and after a moment, the flow began. And he turned.

"Not on the bathmat!" I moved quickly to get it out of range and turned Brett back to face the potty. He stepped back and began to pee on the floor.

"In the potty, Brett," I corrected, and moved him again. He stepped back again and turned. Another few drops on the floor.

"Noooo!" I said and turned him again. He took a few steps towards the toilet, indicated he wanted to try there. Unfortunately, he could just as easily have meant the mat in front of the toilet.

"Nothing doing," I said. "In the potty or the diaper goes on." He ran into the hallway and paused, bending just slightly at the knees. I whipped that diaper on him so fast I'm sure I saw the first few drops get absorbed in it instead of falling on the carpet. He tried to pull the diaper off, but I had battened down the velcro too securely for his two-year-old hands to remove.

I now dread bowel training.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Call me Library Lady

Well, I got it.

I'm the new Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Calgary Public Library, starting November 28.

Thanks to everyone who sent happy thoughts and kind words. I'll be sure to let you all know how it's going. And once I'm settled in, I may even be able to post from work (but I won't take advantage right away...)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Interview report

I know you're dying to know.

I dusted off my nice blazer and dug out good shoes. Left home nice and early, found the building, found a place to park, found the bathroom (fresh lipstick dontcha know!) and found the right office. It seemed to go well: I had detailed, enthusiastic answers, and well-researched, insightful questions (nothing like the internet for preparing for an interview). I even learned a coupla good interview questions:
•• what's the scope of the job as you understand it?
•• what can you do to ensure a good working relationship with your manager?

There was a writing test: I had to draft my first press release in, like, six years! I had a moment of panic, but after starting a few sentences it came together pretty easily. I even "quoted" one of the interviewers —— does that make me clever or just cheeky?

Not sure when I'll hear anything. Not sure if I'm even the right person for the job. I may actually be over-qualified. You know what though? I gotta get working. So I'll take it if it's offered. I can always look for my dream job later.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Wish me luck

I don't really want to admit how many resumes I've fired off in the past two months, how many annoying phone calls I've made to "find out where you are in the hiring process," or how many people I've been in contact with in case they know someone who knows someone, but I finally landed an interview. It's with a fairly high-profile publicly funded organization. Looks like it might be fun.

So on Thursday at 3pm Calgary time, if you can spare a moment -- send me some positive vibes.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It must be November

This was the view from my front porch last night.

This is what we did today.

And then Brett did this. (Yes, I told him about the yellow stuff.)

"More candy, mama"

(L) Brett had a hoot running around in his Barney costume (sans mask) on Saturday before Halloween, but only at home since he was still napping and missed the party at the library. Jennifer got him some treats though, and she and Suzanne came over afterwards to deliver them.

Here he is (R), hanging on to a lolly for dear life, obviously afraid that I'm going to get all mom-ish and tell him he can't have any more.

On Halloween night he refused the costume after we put a sweater on him first. We tried a coupla times before we finally gave up. Is it really worth it just so he can run around our street for all of five minutes before getting cold and tired, begging the neighbours for treats? To be honest, he had more fun helping me answer the door, saying "tricky treet!" and throwing mini chocolate bars into pillow cases.